10/1984 Tanzanian airmail to Israel (no postal relations); routed to Iran & refused service
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Unusual postal link / Iranian postal boycott of Israel: 8 [unclear - OCT?] 1984 airmail stationary cover from DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania (no return address) to Israeli civilian PETACH TIKVA, franked 1.55TSh & tied by 2 strikes of local postmark; unusual postal connection & routing as Tanzania cut diplomatic links with Israel in 1973 (renewed 1995) - unlike Chad, there was no record of discreet back-channel relations during the period of cut ties: a possible mistake in identifying the destination, the cover was routed to/via IRAN (which retained postal relations with Israel until 1982), where backstamped 24 OCT 1984 TEHRAN transit + 2x larger TEHRAN 'bridge' datestamps in Arabic & Urdu, but as no postal relations now with Israel, transit stopped - but cover not marked by standard English or Farsi instructional marking (eg. K-Type-Ia); instead dispatched back to sender (backstamped 26 NOV 1984 TEHRAN return-dispatch). Front is manuscript marked in Arabic (eg. not Farsi) "Palestine, Israel" - either applied in Iran or Tanzania + possible censor mark (reminiscent to Iranian digits within circle type). Very oddly routed cover; unique. Slit open at left.

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