12/1968 Soviet Postkrieg handstamp on Israeli mail with unified Jerusalem stamps
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1968 Soviet Postkrieg mail: 2-12-1968 airmail stationary cover from REHOVOT (return addressed BEIT OVED - TEL AVIV POST, eg. the Moshav of Beit Oved) to MOSCOW (USSR) franked 1.30 Lira per the FA-18/19 period 40/50ag letter rate to Europe (here probably for extra weight) using 0.35 & 0.60 stamps of the 1968 New Years series (Ba 406/7), which commemorate Unified Jerusalem - unofficially boycotted by the Soviet Union, which applied a red Postkrieg handstamp "Retour" (Return) marking of an arrow-cross, obliterating the address and indicating the objectionable object & backstamped 10-12-68 MOSCOW transit; the cover was returned to sender; opened gently at back.

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