31 May/1 June 1861 Last Day US/1st Day Confederate Civil War Postal Service mail
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Independent States & CSA Use of US Postage > Louisiana - Last Day of US Postage/Postal Service: local Louisiana May 31 [1861] postmarked 3c star-die envelope (US #U26) from DONALDSONVILLE to MANCHAC, with frank tied by round grid obliterator & near full strike of local postmark on last day of US postage & postal service before the Confederacy took this over on 1 June 1861. Docketing at left references John J. Drake, Esq., June 1st 1861 [arrival], Manchac, La. - cover displays both key dates of last day US postal service & 1st day Confederate service (on which day these 3c star die envelopes were demonetized); addressee is James H. Ventress, Jr. of Manchac: Ventress Jr. (1834-1872) was a wealthy planter & large slave holder; later Captain, then Major of the 11th Louisiana Infantry, a unit organized in July 1861. The 11th La. Inf. was captured at Island No. 10 in April 1862. MANCHAC was an obscure small post office in East Baton Rouge Parish, for which the CSA Catalogue records no outbound mail. Top back flap missing.

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