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18th Century (1) -
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Italian? religious medal with Latin text & Jewish/Christian imagery 18th Century
Italy(?): religious/Church medal, ND (mid 18th Century); white metal; size: 39mm; weight: 21.15g. Obverse depicts images associated with Judaism surmounted by the Latin Legend "HÆC CORPORIS UMBRA FUTURI" ('The Body Shadow'). On reverse images of wine and literature, with the Latin legend above "PRÆSENTIS SYMBOLA CHRISTI" ('Feast of the Christ'). A medal that generations of numismatists have had difficulty identifying, with most catalogues relegating it to their "miscellaneous" sections (Antoine-Feill 1908, Sally Rosenberg 1932 #1308); the "Numophylacii Ampachiani" catalogue 1830 part 2 #8987 doesn't credit an engraver to the piece. Rosenberg suggests the piece may be the work of Martin Omeis, but his portfolio consists of portrait medals (Forrer v.4 p.321); Antoine-Feill gives the medallist as "EF", which Bernhard ("Medaillen und Plaketten", p.213) renders as the famous Swedish minter Carl Enhörning - but this medal is not in his style.

Product Tags: Italian Exonumia, Medals, Medallions & Tokens, Biblical & Religious Medals and Judaic Tokens & Medals from Italy and from 18th Century, which are Objects with Christian or New Testament references, Objects with Biblical or Jewish Religious references or Hebrew Dates,
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