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1967 6-Day War (1) -
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Locales in Holyland/Israel
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Israeli Judaica 6 Day War victory in Jerusalem medal c.1967 by Abraham Elisha?
Israel: Six Day War victory uniface commemorative bronze medal for Jerusalem, ND (circa. 1967); not maker marked (Abraham Elisha?); size: 61mm; weight: 109.5g. Obverse designed in rings: center ring depicts image of Jerusalem (Tower of David, Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, etc.) with legend in Hebrew and English "Jerusalem [of Gold]"; outer rings have same legend in Hebrew and English: "'Take Oath to us That Jerusalem Shall Never be Returned to Strangers' | The Liberators Before Battle". A source for the legend has not been found (apparently not from the Bible); the designer may be Elisha as an identical image of Jerusalem appears on medals designed by him.

Product Tags: Israeli Exonumia, Medals, Medallions & Tokens, Medals related to Israel and Judaic Tokens & Medals from Israel and from 1967 6-Day War, 20th Century, 1960s which are Objects with Biblical or Jewish Religious references or Hebrew Dates
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