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Bar Kokhba Revolt (2) -
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Judea Bar Kokhba revolt ancient bronze coin attributed to Year 3, 134-5 CE
Judea > Bar Kokhba revolt, (132-136): Æ (base metal) small bronze, undated but attributed to Year 3 (134-5 CE); 17.5 - 19mm, 4.5g. Obverse: seven-branched palm tree with a bunch of dates on either side and legend "Shimon" - irregular rendering of his name. Reverse: bunch of grapes with legend "For the Freedom of Jerusalem". Identical to Mildenberg 159 (dies O4/R9) - with same die/strike anomaly at 5-o'clock position; similar to Hendin 1440. Coin alignment; extremely fine & well struck - rare as such.

Product Tags: Holylandish, Judean Coins, Ancient Coins and Coins & Numismatics from Holyland, Judea (Roman Province) and from Roman Empire, Bar Kokhba Revolt which are Object Related Specifically to a Personality or Key Event
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Bronze replica of ancient Bar Kokhba revolt era sela coin, after Hendin-1388
Bronze replica of Bar Kokhba revolt era sela after Hendin-1388/H-NK-689.4 to 4.3 series: obverse with part of "[Si]mon" legend (left) & star above Temple + Showbread table; reverse with abbreviated legend "Year two of the freedom of Israel" around lulav & etrog device; 10.3g, 24.5mm.

Product Tags: Holylandish Exonumia, Medals, Medallions & Tokens, Biblical & Religious Medals and Judaic Tokens & Medals from Holyland and from Roman Empire, Bar Kokhba revolt, Other
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The auction closed on Monday, 08 April 2019 19:15
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