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Germany Judaica Julius Theodor/Sophie Erbstein wedding anniversary token 1880
Germany > Dresden: Theodor & Sophie Erbstein golden wedding anniversary cast token, 1880; uneven planchet, silvered bronze(?); not maker-marked; size: 20.75mm; weight: 2.45g. Obverse: 8 line legend "The Happy Couple Theodor and Sophie Erbstein on [their] Golden Wedding Anniversary". Reverse: couples' 1st initial T + S within wreath; Star of David above emitting rays. Julius Theodor Erbstein (1803- 1882), was a lawyer, chief State archivist & numismatist, son Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Erbstein; he & J. H. Sophie (b. Muller) both born 1803; sons Julius & Albert Erbstein both well-known numismatists & Dresden museum directors.

Product Tags: German Exonumia, Medals, Medallions & Tokens, Medals & Tokens of Jewish Customs and Rituals and Judaic Tokens & Medals from Germany and from 19th Century, which are Objects with Biblical or Jewish Religious references or Hebrew Dates
SOLD $75.00
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The auction closed on Monday, 08 April 2019 19:15
German Moses Mendelssohn large relief bust Judaica medal by Robert Ball c. 1929
Germany: Moses Mendelssohn large relief bust uniface medal, bronze by J.O. (Robert Ball); 100.6mm, 134g: left-facing profile of Mendelssohn on obverse; reverse is incused, with loop for hanging the medal. The minter's name ("Verlag Rob Ball Nchf Berlin") - Robert Ball, Berlin - appears along the edge below the bust. Undated but probably produced for the bicentennial of Mendelssohn's birth, c.1929 (the firm of Robert Ball minted medals both in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries). In UNC.

Product Tags: German Exonumia, Medals, Medallions & Tokens, Jewish Personalities and Judaic Tokens & Medals from Germany and from 20th Century, 1920s which are Object Related Specifically to a Personality or Key Event
SOLD $300.00
1 bid
The auction closed on Monday, 08 April 2019 19:15
17x German & Austrian Jewish business/merchant tokens, early 20th Century
Lot 17x German & Austrian (1pc) Jewish merchant/business tokens, c. early 20th Cent.: 2x Hermann Tietz of Berlin - 1pf Wertmarke in silvered zinc? + brass 5pf [wertmark]; Ludwig Lowe of Berlin 1 pf token for drink or tea, silvered zinc(?); F. Rosenfeld of Hernals Hauptstraße 49 Vienna 'Geschäfts-Marke' business token in heavy tin; G. V. Lassalle lyre/'Freedom * Equality * Brotherhood' with arm device, tin; Mayer Kauffmann of Tannhausen Silesia (textiles) 50pf porcelain token, 1921; 2x Henry Seligmann of Hannover (coin dealer) 25pf & 50pf porcelain tokens, 1921; 2x H. Heymann of Sachsenhausen brass 15pf token with beer-mug + 12pf silvered zinc token; 2x Goldschmidt & Loewenick of Frankfurt (home & travel shoes factory) 5pf & 10pf octagonal zinc tokens; 2x Abraham Dreyfus of Mulhausen of Alsace (a mill; a relative of Alfred Dreyfus) 5pf & 10pf octagonal zinc 'kleingeldersatzmarke'; 2x Abraham Wertheim of Berlin (father of key founder; department store) 1pf & 2pf silvered zinc(?) 'wertmarke' tokens; [Abraham] Adolf Jandorf of Berlin (department store) 1pf octagonal zinc token.

Product Tags: German, Austrian, French, Exonumia, Medals, Medallions & Tokens, Jewish & Israeli merchant/business tokens and Judaic Tokens & Medals from Germany, Austria, France, and from Dreyfus Affair, 20th Century
SOLD $150.00
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The auction closed on Monday, 08 April 2019 19:15
WWII/Holocaust era metal encased cigar box of the Ordnungspolizei German Police
Third Reich 'Ordnungspolizei' (regular police & emergency services) cigar box: brass colored metal-cased wooden box with emblem of the Nazi regime's police affixed on top; not maker-marked; 8 x 11.1cm, 213.2g. The emblem displayed is the definitive version bearing the left-facing eagle above a wreathed Swastika, adopted as the Orpo's emblem well before WWII. The base is covered in black felt. The Nazi-era regular German Police encompassed some 34 different functions, including forestry and foodstuffs - as well as military formations and participation in the implementation of the Holocaust. The Orpo was one of 3 police forces in the Third Reich (next to the Sicherheitspolizei (Sipo) "security police" which include the Gestapo, and the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) "security service [of the SS]") - all equally unsavory in the annals of the Holocaust: the Orpo fielded the "Police Battalions" tasked with the mass murder of Jews in the East, while the "Einstazgruppen", tasked with the same, were subordinated first to the SiPo and then to the SD (though it actually drew much of its manpower from the OrPo); the "green police" as Anna Frank called them at the time of her arrest, were members of the OrPo (whose uniform was green). The lower-right top edge of the wooden inncer-case has been chipped off; there are apparent glue marks on the left and right inner walls of the wooden box. Unusual.

Product Tags: German, Eastern European Jewelry/Broach/Accessory/Silverware, WWII/Holocaust & Collaboration and Militaria from Germany, Eastern Europe and from World War II, Holocaust, 20th Century, 1940s, Third Reich,
SOLD $240.00
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The auction closed on Monday, 08 April 2019 19:15
12/1910 Holyland German post Levant prepaid postcard from JAFFA to Germany via SARONA
German Post Office & colonies in Holyland: 31-12-1910 "Aus Sarona bei Jaffa (Deutsche Post)" violet cacheted (Ba412/FPOP 248) 1907 issue German Levant prepaid postal stationary commercial postcard with watermark (Ba408), franked 20Pa on 10pf tied by single ring JAFFA postmark Ba401, to EBINGEN. Message in German written in the Walhalla German colony in Jaffa. Very fine; Muenz certified; rare as family correspondence and not philatelic postcard; est. value $700+

Product Tags: Holylandish, German Postcards, Holyland Colonies and Postal History from Holyland, Germany and from 1904-1914 2nd Aliya, 20th Century, 1910s which are Philately - Small Locales, Philately - Postal Stationary, Philately - significant cachets & postal markings,
SOLD $219.00
1 bid
The auction closed on Tuesday, 16 April 2019 20:00
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