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Ancient Roman/Alexandrian Potin Tetradrachm Aurelian year 5 273-74 AD Milne 4424
Aurelian (270-284/5) - Alexandria, Potin Tetradrachm: Dated Year 5 = 273-274 AD; A K Λ ΔOM AVΡHΛIANOC CEB, Laureate, cuirassed bust right / LE to right of eagle standing right, wings open, wreath in beak, star at upper left; 20mm, 10.15g. Milne 4424; Emmett 3929.

Product Tags: Egyptian Coins, Ancient Coins and Coins & Numismatics from Egypt and from Roman Empire,
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WWI franked civil mail from British military post BAPO Z to UK via Egyptian post
British WWI military mail in Egypt: 29 OC 1917 picture postcard of Pompey's Pillar sent by civilian via BAPO Z (Alexandria) to CARDIFF, franked 6m; postcard tied by BAPO Z postmark but not cancelling civilian franks as per regulations - this done next day with Egyptian civilian MILITARY POST OFFICE ALEXANDRIA dispatch postmark (FB-A2); postcard tied by local 'star' dumb mark FB-DM7, usually applied when military mail entered civilian post in Alexandria.

Product Tags: Egyptian, United Kingdomian,British, Welsh, Postcards, WWI Military Mail and Postal History from Egypt, United Kingdom, Wales, and from World War I, 20th Century, 1910s which are Philately - Military Post Offices or Military Administration
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9/1919 undocumented OET #4 CENSORSHIP cachet on mail from Spain to JERUSALEM
Jerusalem O.E.T. numbered censorship cover double rarity/discovery piece: Sept 1919 registered cover from ZARAGOZA Spain to JERUSALEM whose franking since removed, backstamped 14 SEP 19 MADRID & 29 IX 19 ALEXANDRIA transits - here opened by Egypt. Civil censor & resealed with FB-CCL4aii label and tied front/back by undocumented black oval "O.E.T. No 4 CENSORSHIP" cachet (extremely rare as only 4 other such cachets known but not this number - per Firebrace) - this possibly added in Sinai or Palestine (as Egypt not part of "Occupied Enemy Territory"); backstamped 4 OC 19 arrival using undocumented OETA EEF [JERUSALEM] postmark note right-tilting position of "A" over index letter, not as in Sacher); opened at top, few peripheral tears near top.

Product Tags: Spanish, Mandatory Palestinian, Egyptian, Philately - Postal Covers, Postmarks & Postal Markings - Mandate and Postal History from Spain, Palestine Mandate, Egypt, and from OETA South (Palestine), 20th Century, 1910s, 1919-1923 3rd Aliya, which are Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Philately - Censored Mail, Unique/Discovery Piece, Philately - uncatalogued/undocumented varieties
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The auction closed on Tuesday, 16 April 2019 20:00
7/1956 Egyptian airmail to UK rejected as addressed to Israel, sent to UK then Israel
Egyptian "No Service" mail sent to Israel: 23-7-1956 airmail cover from ALEXANDRIA to SOUTH AMBLTON (UK) whose sender & addressee details placed erroniously in incorrect locations on the envelope's front; franked 52m & dispatched from ALEXANDRIA, but as sender's name "Esmaiel" & appears in addressee field, the Egyptian post office treated it as "Israel", censored it (K-Type-7, #80) & marked it "no relaciones" + "retour" (red manuscript), indicating the address in the return address field (the actual intended address); cover dispatched to UK where the post office processed the letter based on the information in the addressee section (the sender's information) - and again misunderstood his name as "Israel" & erroniously dispatched it there, and did not delivered locally as intended; backstamped 17-8-56 TEL AVIV arrival. Unusually not censored in Israel. As per the red crayon "Retour" manuscript on back, it appears the cover was then "returned" to the UK, to the originally intended addresee. A rare instance of Egyptian mail reaching Israel; only one known Egyptian-UK-Israel cover. Slit open at top.

Product Tags: United Kingdomian,British, Egyptian, Israeli, Philately - Postal Covers, Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1949-1956 and Postal History from United Kingdom, Egypt, Israel, and from 20th Century, 1950s which are Philately - Suspended Service mail, Philately - unusual postal procedures/fines/taxes, Philately - Significant Route, Philately - Unusual Origin, Destination or Postal Link, Philately - Earliest/Latest, First/Last & Proving dates or places, Philately - Multiple Postal Authority/Period mail, Philately - Air Mail, Philately - Censored Mail, Philately - Significant Addresses/Persons, Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Unique/Discovery Piece,
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The auction closed on Tuesday, 16 April 2019 20:00
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