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American Brith Abraham Jewish fraternal order 1913 convention Judaica medallion
US: Brith Abraham Jewish fraternal order bronze medallion for 1913 convention in Buffalo; maker-marked (unclear); weight: 44.6g. Clasp with label "Convention 1913 Buffalo, N.Y." chained to medal with round celluloid device & legend "U.S. Grand Lodge Order Brith Abraham", dates of institution etc. (Feb 32(!)), interlaced triangle with Abraham about to sacrifice Jacob. Founded NY 1859; originally limited to Reform Jews; organized in lodge system & provided fraternal benefits. This convention (25 May 1913) was order's 27th with 1200 delegates from all over US; 'Grand Master', Leon Sanders, reported membership of 138,000; closed in 1927.

Product Tags: America,American Exonumia, Medals, Medallions & Tokens, Fraternities & Freemasons and Judaic Tokens & Medals from United States and from 20th Century, 1910s which are Objects with Biblical or Jewish Religious references or Hebrew Dates, Minting/Production Error,
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