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Juan_les_Pines (1) -
9/1973 French surface mail to Israel delayed by Yom Kippur War; with special marking
1973 Yom Kippur War delayed mail to Israel: 28-9-1973 surface mailed cover from JUAN-LES-PINES France to TEL AVIV, franked 0.90F & tied by local machine slogan cancel; this delayed by effect of the War (6-25 Oct) on surface routes, and arrived sometime in February 1974 when marked by red Hebrew instructional marking handstamp K-Type-II "This postal item was received by Israel Post from the country of origin only now - Feb. 1974": very rare as no 1973 War service-delay or mail-suspension markings are known on any mail of any nation except this instructional marking - and only on surface mail originating from France, received "exceptionally late", here 3-4 months late. Rare surface routing: as the Tel Aviv port closed in November 1965 & operations transferred to ASHDOD, this postcard was probably received there and the postal markings applied in TEL AVIV. Slit open at top.

Product Tags: French, Israeli Philately - Postal Covers, Arab-Israeli mail of 1973 War era and Postal History from France, Israel and from 1973 Yom Kippur War, 20th Century, 1970s which are Philately - Suspended Service mail, Philately - Significant Route, Philately - Unusual Origin, Destination or Postal Link, Philately - Surface Mail (contemporary), Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Philately - Small Locales, Object Related Specifically to a Personality or Key Event,
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