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Vintage Eretz Israel postcard Colony Mahanayim, Edition de la Palestine Moderne
Eretz Israel-Palestina vintage 1900-1910's era color picture postcard "View of the Colony Mahanayim near Saffed, Galilee", with French-only text/subtitles (with allotted space on back for text in German or in Russian); number 15A of the series, by Edition de la Palestine Moderne of Jaffa. Unused, some age marks & an ink smudge on back. Postcards of the publisher are known used as early as pre-World War I Holyland/Palestine & the formatting on back refers to postal service by one of the foreign post offices in the Holyland.

Product Tags: Holylandish, Mandatory Palestinian Postcards, Culture & Memorabilia and Israeliana from Holyland, Palestine Mandate and from 20th Century, 1910s, 1900s, 1882-1903 1st Aliya, 1904-1914 2nd Aliya,
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