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Mea Shearim (1) -
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1948 Jerusalem printed matter mail to Petach Tikva franked by rare 3rd interim series stamp
1948 JERUSALEM interim local mail: long printed matter cover from nutrition committee in JERUSALEM to PETACH TIKVA, marked "Printed Matter" (barely visible) and franked 5m for the 3m period printed-matter rate using rare locals III stamp with slanting "5" (Ba107) tied by large 38mm MEA SHEARIM branch office postmark with 21 JUNE 1948 rubber dater at center. Franking accepted in Petach Tikva although invalid outside of JERUSALEM as of 23 May. The postal siege on JERUSALEM ended 23 June: this cover most likely transported using the new "Burma Road" land route, opened 6 June. Mea Shearim branch office received the Israeli trilingual canceller around 7 Aug. Folded for length; gently opened.

Product Tags: Israeli Philately - Postal Covers, 1948 Israel: Post-Siege Interim Jerusalem (after 20 June) and Postal History from Israel and from 1947-49 Israel War of Independence, 20th Century, 1940s, 1945-1949 Postwar era, which are Philately - unusual postal procedures/fines/taxes, Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Philately - Significant franks on covers, Philately - Printed Matter mail
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The auction closed on Tuesday, 16 April 2019 20:00
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