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Post 6-Day War 1968 East Bloc postkrieg Israel mail refused service due to stamp
Post 6-Day War Soviet Bloc postkrieg: 18-1-1968 registered airmail cover from HERZLIYA to SCHWEDT East Germany, franked 1.20L per period FA-18 rate for double-weight (2x 10g) + registry fee, using 0.40L Balfour (Ba #385) & 0.80L IDF Victory (Ba #378) stamps; the latter was rejected among the Communist Eastern Bloc, among them the GDR, who expressed their anti-Israel political stance by objecting t...
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The auction closed on Thursday, 14 May 2020 20:01
1968 early Soviet Postkrieg w/ manuscript on mixed currency franked Israeli mail
1968 Mixed Currency mail affected by early Soviet Postkrieg: 26-10-1968 airmail stationary cover from JERUSALEM to OMSK (USSR) franked 40 Agorot per FA-18 period letter rate to Europe using mixed Pruta/Agora currency franking of old 50Pr 1956 New Years stamp (Ba 135; 11 years after last date of sale) + tabbed 0.35ag 1968 New Years stamp (Ba 408) - this latter which commemorates Unified Jerusalem, ...
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The auction closed on Thursday, 14 May 2020 20:01
1975 Bulgarian postkrieg marks on Israeli cv w/Let My People Go stp; odd routing
1975 Bulgarian Postkrieg mail + circuituitous routing: 13-4-1975 registered airmail stationary cover from HERZLIYA (return addressed BERLIN) to SOFIA (Bulgaria), franked 2.30 Lira per the FA-24 period letter rate to Europe (1.10L letter + 1.20L registration) & tied by 2 strikes of the HERZLIYA-13 postmark on front + 1 on back, using mix of 0.05L 1972 Landscapes definitive stamp (Ba 541) + 1.70L 19...
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1/1988 subtle Soviet Postkrieg against Israeli cv to Jewish/Zionist organization
Soviet subtle 'postkrieg' against Israel: 20-1-1988 registered airmail cover with Advice of Receipt service from REHOVOT (return addressed JERUSALEM) to Jewish/Israeli institution in USSR (per Russian address), tied by local red circular "pre-paid" postmark (Nacht 518/24) in center & registry label at top right + AR postcard on back; in the period atmosphere of Soviet harassment of Jews and Zionis...
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5/1988 Israeli Advise Receipt cv to USSR refused service due to Archeology stamp
Soviet subtle 'postkrieg' against Israel: 19-5-1988 'avis de reception' registered airmail cover from HAIFA (return-addressed JERUSALEM) to MOSCOW (USSR), franked 3.60NIS per FA-38 period rate & franked with 3nis 'Archeology in Jerusalem' + 60ag 'Anne Frank' stamps - the former being boycotted by the Soviet authorities for promoting Israeli sovereignty in united Jerusalem: the cover and AR card we...
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