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Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1949-1956 (21)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1957-1967 (9)
Arab-Israeli mail of 1967 War era (11)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1967-1973 (3)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1974-2000s (5)
Postkrieg, Anti-Zionist Franking & Politically inspired refusal of service (5)
Terror & Hijack Mail (2)

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1969 Letter-bomb era inspected mail to Israeli President; postmark date error
Letter-bomb era inspected mail: 11 NOV 1969 airmail stationary cover from CHICAGO to President Zalman Shazar JERUSALEM, franked 25c per postage period rate & tied by local machine cancel; backstamped 16-11-69 JERUSALEM arrival using Cancer Awareness machine slogan cancel: following 1967 6-Day War, there was a greater threat of mail bombs sent to Jewish/Israeli targets: here this cover marked by tr...
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1970 German airmail to Israel recovered from Coronado terrorist bombing & crash
Terror Mail' / Crash mail (the "Coronado"): 20-2-1970 airmail cover from MUNICH (Germany) to RAMAT GAN, franked 70pf per period rate & tied by single strike of local postmark; the 4-lined text French instructional marking on the front ("Correspondence is from 'Coronado' that fell in Würenlingen. Zürich 58 Post Office") indicates that that this letter was routed through ZURICH (Switzerlan...
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