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1965 Jerusalem to TLV underfranked & revenues-franked cv - accepted, not taxed
1961 revenues-franked domestic mail: 15-5-1965 commercial cover from travel agency in JERUSALEM to hotel in TEL AVIV, franked 10ag instead of the DO-11 postage period rate of 12ag, using an invalid 1961 series revenue stamp - this accepted at the JERUSALEM Post Office which applied machine slogan cancellation to the franking and the underpaid rate; opened at back. Unusual accepted double-fault. Ra...
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1/1960 Jerusalem taxed mail paid w/ new Provisionals stamps in early Lira period
1960 early Lira currency domestic taxed mail: 12-1-1960 local JERUSALEM cover franked 6 Ag at the DO-9 postage period printed matter rate using 0.01L & 0.05L Provisionals on 6th day of use, but not marked as "printed matter" nor unsealed so taxed double the deficiency of the regular letter rate (12 Ag total), marked using old 'Mils' cachet overwritten Agorot in manuscript, paid 14-1-1960 using 2x ...
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1961 JLEM printed matter cv taxed for requested return service - at letter rate
1961 "private" return fee cover + taxed: 28-12-1961 local JERUSALEM printed matter cover, tied by instructional marking handstamp, franked 0.07L at the DO-10 period printed-matter rate using 1960 New Year Ba198 frank, and marked by handwritten request to return if undelivered for fee (bottom-right on front); addressee indeed not found (manuscript comment by the postman: "Left, Thank G-d, please re...
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1962 TLV cv underfranked as printed matter but rejected by post office & taxed
1962 domestic taxed cover: 6-8-1962 local TEL AVIV cover franked 0.07L using single Zodiac frank (Ba207), perhaps hoping to pass it off at just ended DO-10 period printed matter rate, but here marked by post office as "letter" (red manuscript) and taxed twice the deficiency for DO-11 period letter rate (10 Ag); opened roughly at back, complete....
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1963 JLEM printed matter cv twice re-routed on return, taxed the 2x letter rate
1963 DO-11 postage rate period domestic re-rerouted taxed mail - unpaid: 5-6-63 local JERUSALEM American Jewish Committee stationary commercial cover franked at 8 Ag printed matter rate using tabbed 1962 New Year Ba246 but returned as addressee left; however original return address no longer valid, and updated hotel address incorrect, so re-routed to TEL AVIV hotel; for this additional re-mailing ...
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1966 Ashkelon to TLV cv under-franked & taxed w/Zodiac stamps; pmk date error
1966 DO-12 postage rate period domestic taxed mail + postmark errors: 29-5-1966 commercial cover from ASHQELON (return addressed Kibbutz Gat) to TEL AVIV franked at the old DO-11 letter rate of 12 Ag (invalid as of 14 Jan 66) using 1961 Zodiac Ba210 & tied by strike of local machine cancel (whose Hebrew year is misspelled Tav-Shin-Vav-Vav-Kaf); taxed twice the deficiency (6 Ag), marked by scarce 3...
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1969 unfranked TLV mail, address unknown; double attempted delivery - taxed 4x
1969 double taxed franking: 17-8-1969 local TEL AVIV cover on Dan Hotel TEL AVIV stationary posted from guest to local address, mailed unfranked at TEL AVIV-234; as addressee not reached front marked "address unknown/return" by cachet and return address attempted - but unsuccessfully because no address supplied, so marked on back by "unknown/return" cachet, and original address re-attempted (red m...
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