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1861-1865 American Civil War - Confederate States of America (7)
1870 Franco-Prussian War (1)
1899-1902 Second Boer War (2)
Pre-WWI mail (3)
1914-1919 WWI era civilian mail (3)
1914-1919 WWI era military mail (33)
1919-1920 Polish-Soviet War era mail (1)
1919-1939 Interwar period (1)
1938-1945 WWII era civilian mail (6)
1938-1945 WWII era military mail (3)
1933-1946 Holocaust era philately & ephemera (17)
1956 Suez Crisis (1)
1990-2000s Gulf Wars mail suspensions (2)
Red Cross, Displaced Persons Camps & Postage Exempt Civilian Mail (18)
Postkrieg mail & Political philately (2)
Terror & Hijack Mail (2)

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4-5 Feb. 1861 1st day of Confederacy/Civil War mail using US Postage
Independent States & CSA Use of US Postage > Georgia & South Carolina - 1st Day of the Confederacy: Feb. 4 1861 (1st Day of Confederacy) docketed cover from SAVANNAH Georgia to CHARLESTON South Carolina, franked 3c per period (US) domestic letter rate using US #26 dull red Washington Type III stamp, tied by round grid obliterator & FEB 5 [1861] local circular date-stamp in field (1st full day of t...
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1 June 1861 1st Day Confederate Postal service MOBILE to MACON Civil War mail
1st Day of the Confederate Postal System: stampless JUN 1 1861 postmarked cover from MOBILE Alabama to Dr. W. Hopkins of MACON Mississippi, tied by near-full strike of full-dated double ringed datestamp & boxed PAID 5 handstamp (CSA cat type B - similar but slightly different "5" digit); professionally rebacked with original cover backside; most of the original gum is intact - possibly mailed unse...
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20 June 1861 Interim Independent/Confederate East Tennessee Civil War mail
Interim Independent / Confederate Tennessee era mail: stampless "MONTVALE Tenn 20th June 1861" manuscript dated cover to "Hon. Howell Cobb, RICHMOND, Virginia", with manuscript notation at top right "Pd 5 Cts".Interesting postal history: the Confederacy suspended Federal mail service within its borders as of 1 June - but not in Tennessee, whose government had not yet passed an Ordinance of Secessi...
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30 July 1861 Southbound Across-the-Lines Private Express LOUISVILLE-MACON mail
Southbound Across-the-Lines Private Express mail: JUL 30 1861 postmarked 3c star-die (POD US watermarked) envelope (US #U27) from LOUISVILLE Kentucky to J. F. Dickinson of MACON Georgia, carried by the Adams Express Company, which tied its full-dated ADAMS EX. CO. circular datestamp to the embossed frank; the manuscript "2/-" near the frank was shorthand for the total express charge to pay over an...
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8/1861 Civil War Prize Court captured blockade-runner SOUTH CAROLINA-CUBA mail
Civil War 'Prize Court' captured "blockade-runner" mail: stampless AUG 15 [1861] postmarked cover from PENDLETON South Carolina to "Emilio Puig, Care of Spanish Consul, CHARLESTON S.C.", tied by full single strike of local circular datestamp in blue & [postage] PAID 5 handstamp (CSA type C) at top right. The year of dispatch is confirmed by the rate paid: on 1 July 1862 the domestic letter rate wa...
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4 May 1862 Confederate States Navy USS VIRGINIA/MERRIMACK drop-letter rate mail
Confederate States Navy "MERRIMACK" / drop-letter rate mail: MAY 4 [1862] postmarked outer lettersheet (light-blue lined writing paper) to Mrs. H. Ashton Ramsay, Care of D’Arcy Paul, Esq., PETERSBURG [Virginia], franked 5 cents using a single blue CSA 4-2 stamp with large to full margins, affixed with red sealing wax & tied by single strike of local postmark in blue - this being an overpaid...
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Louisiana PATTERSONVILLE Confederate Army Reserve Corps couriered military mail
Confederate Army couriered mail: dateless/stampless cover addressed to "Captain Wm. Devlin, Com'dg C.S.R. Corps, PATTERSONVILLE, La [Louisiana]", with manuscript directive at lower left "Per Courier" & endorsement at top "Official | Hd. Qrs En'g. Officer | Psh of St. Mary". Opened roughly at right (piece missing); opened on all 3 sides for display.The cover was sent from the Headquarters of the En...
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