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1861-1865 American Civil War - Confederate States of America (7)
1870 Franco-Prussian War (1)
1899-1902 Second Boer War (2)
Pre-WWI mail (3)
1914-1919 WWI era civilian mail (3)
1914-1919 WWI era military mail (33)
1919-1920 Polish-Soviet War era mail (1)
1919-1939 Interwar period (1)
1938-1945 WWII era civilian mail (6)
1938-1945 WWII era military mail (3)
1933-1946 Holocaust era philately & ephemera (17)
1956 Suez Crisis (1)
1990-2000s Gulf Wars mail suspensions (2)
Red Cross, Displaced Persons Camps & Postage Exempt Civilian Mail (18)
Postkrieg mail & Political philately (2)
Terror & Hijack Mail (2)

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WWI 1918 stampless Austrian military mail ex SYRIA via civilian PO in TURKEY
WWI Austrian military post - unusual routing: 13(?) II (FEB) 1918 photo picture postcard of Absalom's Tomb in Jerusalem, published by Yaakov Bentov (Bezalel) publishers of Jerusalem, with message in Hungarian dated 6 Feb., sent by sender in the Austro-Hungarian Sanitation Service in Syria from DAMASCUS to locale in HUNGARY (unclear): originally posted stampless & tied by KuK FELDPOSTAMT 452b postm...
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WWI era Jamaica Patriotic Stamp League commercial cover, helped fund Polish Jews
Jamaica Patriotic Stamp League commercial cover franked by George V 1½d "War Stamp" + Stamp League Red Cross label (½d) - 3rd version, and tied by SP 17 1917 ANNOTTO BAY postmark. The league was founded in 1915 by Lewis Ashenheim to raise funds for the British Red Cross Society, establish a Jamaican airplane fund, and to provide relief for Polish Jews. These labels were sold at all post ...
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WWI 1917 local Polish post CIECHOCINEK-WARSAW mail w/local charge cachet & frank
WWI era local Polish post: 25-7-1917 postmarked touristic picture postcard of Alexandrowo (by George Stilke publishers of Berlin) with German message, from CIECHOCINEK to WARSAW; as of 1915 the Warsaw region of the former area of Congress Poland was occupied by Germany and the zone renamed "General Gouvernement Warschau" (General Governorate Warsaw): the occupying force did not provide any local d...
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