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WWII 1941 Czechoslovakian Army in Exile limited edition philatelic folder
WWII Czechoslovakian Army in Exile: limited edition (#78 of 500) bilingual English/Czech philatelic folder issued by the Czechoslovak Army Post Office (in exile) in Britain, to commemorate 2 years to the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Germany, 1941; the folder features an illustration of national resistance to the occupation on the cover, an exhortation in English & Czech on the inside cover, a s...
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10/1941 WWII franked/censored Australian military airmail ex BEIRUT to BRISBANE
WWII Australian postal service in Lebanon: 2 OC 1941 OAS airmail cover on Australian Commonwealth Forces stationary from FPO 28 (APS, BEIRUT) to BRISBANE, franked 9d (multiple franking) & tied by 4 strikes of postmark; with officer endorsement at left & triangular censor 4416 handstamp on front; sender among troops prior to transfer to TOBRUK. Cut open at left; frontal tear repaired. Scarce origin...
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WWII 1942 stampless American military mail from APO 616 CAIRO to HAZLETON
Early WWII US military in Egypt mail: 20 Dec 1942 stampless photo postcard of street-scene in Jerusalem (with caption in German), published by the German owned Lehnert & Landrock bookshop of Cairo, with family correspondence sent from Private at APO 616 (CAIRO) to HAZLETON Pennsylvania; posted unfranked & endorsed "free" as military mail & tied by US Army Postal Service cancel (with left shifted A...
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