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Vichy France anti Free French/anti-Semitic WWII original poster 1941, by Derain
World War II/Holocaust era original Vichy-French anti-Free French/anti-Semitic poster, 1941 by Andre Derain & produced by Imprimerie Bedos & Compagnie of Paris; size (poster only): circa 80 x 119cm. Original paper poster attached to white fabric backing, with headline "Les bobards...sortents toujours du meme nid" (The tall tales ... always come from the same nest), depicting birds with human heads...
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WWII used postal stationary of Netherlands Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart 1943
WWII Occupied Netherlands: 25 March 1943 official service commercial cover on Reichs Commissioner stationary from office of Reichskommissar for Netherlands (Dr. Arthur Seyss-Inquart) in THE HAGUE to Van Gelder & Sohn paper mill business in AMSTERDAM, tied by machine slogan cancel; tied by "dienstpost" red cachet and special cachet of the Reichskommissar's office. Gently opened at top; minor edge t...
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Original Holocaust artifact photograph of civilians under guard digging graves
First-hand Holocaust artifact: black & white photograph of civilian males under guard, digging graves, in cool/cold weather, undated; presumed eastern Europe and Jews (although no emblems visible). The figures in dark clothes/dark visorless cloth hats look like collaborationist "Schutzmannschaft" (auxiliary police of the German 'Ordnungspolizei') who operated in the Baltics, Belorussia & Ukraine (...
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Holocaust-era Hungarian conversion document of Budpest Evangelical Church 1944
Holocaust-era Hungarian conversion document: 16 March 1944 dated "extract" of the Budpest Evangelical Church confirming the conversion of 3 family members. Although the "Second Jewish Law" of 1939 had already defined Jews by race instead of just religion, thus altering the status even of those who had formerly converted from Judaism to Christianity, here on 12 March 1944 the Germans occupied Hunga...
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War of Independence pre-State/Yishuv Mifkad Haam Hagana military draft card 1948
War of Independence pre-State/Yishuv military draft document, March 1948: call-up card of the "Center of the Assembly for National Service" ("Mifkad Ha'am") - the pre-State system for nationwide military enlistment which functioned between the United Nation's resolution calling for the partition of Palestine (29 November 1947), and Israel's declaration of Independence (14 May 1948), which was esta...
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