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10 May 1948 Interim period Kofer HaYishuv label on wartime insurance document
1948 interim period Kofer HaYishuv on document: 10-05-1948 industrial property policy of the "Eretz-Israel Fund for Mutual Insurance from Damage in Time of Emergency" for period 2 - 31 May 1948, & signed on 10th, for 3800 Lira on 1500 Lira insurance for machines & raw materials from starch manufacturer; David De-Peus Ltd & Moshe Cohen as agents; franked using 50m Kofer HaYishuv insurance label, as...
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The auction closed on Monday, 11 May 2020 19:01
Palestine Mandate-Yishuv Vaad Leumi 30m Culture Tax revenue stamp MNH
Mandate-era Yishuv revenue stamp: large blue 30 mil denominated "Culture Tax" stamp issued by the Department for Culture of the Vaad HaLeumi (the executive Jewish National Council of the Elected Assembly of the Jewish community in Palestine, responsible for the internal affairs of the Yishuv); MNH & appears gummed, a few age stains in places. The Bezalel-styled design is artist-marked "A M". Unlis...
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