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Interim-Minhelet Haam (4)
Doar Ivri (13)
1948-1949 Issues (7)
1950-1959 Issues (37)
1980-1989 Issues (2)
1990-1999 Issues (1)
Postage Dues (3)
Fiscal & Revenues Stamps (1)

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5/1948 2-period Interim mail franked with imperforated stamp + mandate postmark
1948 interim mail: 9 MY 1948 local QIRYAT MOTZKIN cover on "Mataf" stationary franked 10m per period letter rate using Haifa overprinted double imperforated (top/bottom) Partition Map stamp (Ba 30 - unlisted as such) & tied by full strike of both local interim postmark + dated Mandate 2-bar canceller (Dorf-2, rated C+; unusual on non-registered mail), making this a 2-period cover (Mandate postal s...
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16 May 1948 1st Day Israel mail w/trilingual pmk & RED overprinted Interim stamp
Israeli trilingual tied to red overprinted interim frank: 1st day Israel 16-5-1948 local TEL AVIV cover, franked 10m per period domestic letter rate, using red overprinted interim Warsaw Ghetto frank (Ba #22b - unpriced on covers) & tied by single strike of the Israeli trilingual postmark of the Head Post Office + the National Loan cachet applied by the Tel Aviv sorting office; slit open at back. ...
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1948 local JERUSALEM cv w/rare 3rd series interim frank & near 1st day postmark
1948 JERUSALEM interim mail: 30-7-1948 local registered cover on doctor's stationary, franked 30m per postage period rate (10m letter + 15m registered fee + 6m additional weight, here convenience undercharge of 1m) using mix of interim locals: 3x 5m 1st issue (Ba101; 1x with small damage) & 10m 1st issue (Ba102) & rare 5m 3rd issue (Ba107), tied by 5 full strikes of JERUSALEM-5 (main PO) postmark ...
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1948 domestic Israeli mail w/valid interim franks + red ovpt & mandate postmark
State of Israel - extended use of interim franks: 19 MAY 1948 registered commercial cover from PETACH TIKVA addressed to a company in TEL AVIV, franked 26m for the 25m period letter rate, using interim franks including left corner red overprinted Ben Yehuda 2m in blue (Ba #9d/Aloni #7b - both unpriced on a cover) & tied by 4x strikes of the reintroduced Mandate REGISTERED PETAH TIKVA postmark + 2x...
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