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Foreign Post Offices (3)
Jewish colonies (1)

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Foreign Post Offices

Holyland Austrian Post 2 Piaster on 20 Kr. Stamp, unlisted 10 ½ perforation,used
Austrian Post in Holyland 1891 Emperor's profile issue with Turkish denomination: 2 Piaster overprinted on 20 Kr. stamp with 10 ¼ perf (Ba 39 unlisted perforation), tied by black DR JERUSALEM pmk (presumably Ba 121)...
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Jewish colonies

Holyland/Israel 1909 Petah Petach Tikva Jewish colony 14 Para stamp Ba J1 MH/OG
Petach Tikva Jewish colony 1909 issue stamp, denominated 14 Para (Ba #J-1), MH & OG. This adhesive was used as a surcharge applied to mail, for the forwarding fee to the Austrian post office in Jaffa; the Austrian post in the Holyland exclusively handled the mail from the Jewish colonies and settlements. The stamp was in use for only a year, between 1909-1910, owing to the disapproval of the O...
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