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Interim-Minhelet Haam (4)
Doar Ivri (13)
1948-1949 Issues (7)
1950-1959 Issues (37)
1980-1989 Issues (2)
1990-1999 Issues (1)
Postage Dues (3)
Fiscal & Revenues Stamps (1)

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Fiscal & Revenues Stamps

1949 Insurance policy w/Jerusalem Magen Yerushalayim + Israeli revenue franks
1949 JERUSALEM municipal tax stamp on document: 20-02-49 New Zealand Insurance Co. fire policy document franked by 10m & 20m 1st revenues (Ba REV3/4 - rough perf) + 5m emergency 'Magen Yerushalyim" stamp, cancelled by manuscript & company cachet....
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Doar Ivri

Rare TRANSPARENT PAPER 5m Doar Ivri plt blk #26.2 stamps on 1948 Tel Aviv mail
Doar Ivri 5m TRANSPARENT PAPER franks (plate block group 26.2) on mail: 16-7-1948 local TEL AVIV registered cover from HAKIRYA (TEL AVIV government complex) franked 25m at the DO-2 postage period official mail rate (no letter fee + 25pr registration) using tabbed 3pc 5m vertical strip + 5m 1st plate block pair (star to right, CD 16.5mm, appears to be transparent paper - very rare, plate block Ba #...
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Doar Ivri 15m 10: perf var 4f stamp thin yellow paper printed ungummed side MNH
Doar Ivri perforation varieties: Ba #4f 15mil stamp with rare 10:10 perforation on thin yellow paper (as evidenced by the horizontal lacey pattern) using setting A (May 1948 printing, probably from the group 74a per Shabtai, rated as Very Rare), here printed - unusually - on the UNGUMMED side (this issue is usually encountered printed on the gum side), MNH & off center as is typical of this perfor...
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28-12-1948 local Tel Aviv registered mail with rare Doar Ivri plate block franks
Doar Ivri PO's, rates & routes: 28-12-1948 local TEL AVIV registered cover franked 40pr at the DO-2 postage period rate (15pr letter + 25pr registration) using pair 20pr with control number (29203) on right margin (1st plate - Ba126.1, plate block catalogues at $1500) tied by 2x full strikes of 10th Macabbi Congress machine slogan cancellation (Nacht #3, on 3rd day of use; in used only between 26-...
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Doar Ivri used 20m 10:11 perforation left corner stamp, horizontally imperf
Israel 1948 Doar Ivri perforation variety: 20m left corner single with 10:11 perforation (Ba 5d) & horizontally imperforated between stamp & top margin (Ba FCV113); used, with part of Ramat Gan trilingual pmk visible. Cat value $750....
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Doar Ivri used 50m 11:11 perforation tabbed stamp - horizontally imperforated
Israel 1948 Doar Ivri perf variety: 50mil tabbed stamp with 11:11 perf on thin yellow paper & imperforated horizontally between the stamp and tab (Ba FCV42); used. Cat value $1000....
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Doar Ivri 50m tabbed stamp pair on gray paper & right gutters; MNH & OG
Israel 1948 Doar Ivri: 50m right edge tabbed pair with 11:11 perf on gray paper (Ba 6a) + right gutters; MNH & OG, light horizontal crease along tab (from printing press); firm paper with no signs of folding along the perforations. Cat value $620....
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Doar Ivri 250m vert pair stamps w/double horizontal perfs in field Ba FCV167 MNH
Israel 1948 Doar Ivri high values perforation variety: vertical pair of 11x11 perforated 250mil stamps (Ba #7) on medium white paper with double horizontal perforations, also in the field - visible on top and center, with part of the double perforation being albino (visible on the gum side); all the vertical & horizontal perforations are misaligned; MNH, firm paper with original bend & no crease a...
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Doar Ivri 1000 mil tabbed 10:10 perforation stamp w/DOUBLE perforation; MNH & OG
Israel 1948 Doar Ivri TRIPLE RARITY: 1000 mil left marginal corner tabbed stamp with gutters on blue paper, with rare 10:10 perforation (Ba 9f) & double vertical perforation in field at left (this not catalogued); MNH & OG; perforated at base, with short teeth as observed on this issue & off-centered as encountered with this type perforation. Firm paper (no signs of folds along perf), some origina...
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Doar Ivri 1000m short tabbed single stamp 11x11 rough perf misaligned, used
Israel 1948 Doar Ivri high values perforation variety: 1000mil tabbed single stamp on medium blue paper with 11x11 perforation, used & tied by 6-5-1949 TABUL illustrated cancellation; the perforation is rough & the horizontal perforations are misaligned (21 holes in the center and 20 on the top); this issue is known imperforated at the base: here unclear if the the tab has been slightly shortened ...
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1950-1959 Issues

Israeli 1951 New Years stamp print error/variety on unusual postal stationary
1951 New Years print error / unusual stationary: print error variety of 40pr single (Ba #57), where apostrophe in Hebrew date is missing on the right frank of a vertical pair, tied to a 24-10-1951 registered cover on a reused envelope, from KFAR SAVA to JERUSALEM, franked 40pr per period DO-2 registered letter rate; slit open at top. Note on reverse inverted watermarked text visible on the "Mataf"...
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