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3/1918 1pia EEF typographed frank on censored civilian mail from Egypt to BERNE
The 'Blues' in Egypt / Civilian mail through Military post: 4 MR 1918 commercial cover from APO SZ4(?) (GHQ Lines of Communication in KANTARA Egypt) to 'International Office of Exchange of Correspondence' in BERNE with Arabic manuscript of desired addressee below ("External Office Yazji Dawoud"), franked 1pia at period foreign letter rate using rouletted deep-blue Ba1 tied by army post office postmark - here rare use of EEF stamp outside of Palestine; front-stamped 8 III 18 CAIRO transit & marked by red 3-line PASSED BY BASE CENSOR E.E.F. framed cachet (CAIRO; FB-PBC1) and triangular unit censor (#8346 - not documented in Daniel or Firebrace) cachets; backstamped 1 V 18 BERN arrival where original exchange office address crossed out and Arabic addressee details (in DAMASCUS) added in German, whereupon redirected there - oddly without additional franking; slit open at top, vertical fold & few peripheral tears; fine; estimated value $850+. Bureau appears to have served as forwarding address to contact citizens of enemy nations during the war.

Product Tags: Egyptian, Swiss, Syrian, Philately - Postal Covers, WWI Military Mail and Postal History from Egypt, Switzerland, Syria, and from World War I, 20th Century, 1910s which are Philately - Significant franks on covers, Philately - Military Post Offices or Military Administration, Philately - Censored Mail, Philately - Significant Addresses/Persons, Philately - unusual postal procedures/fines/taxes, Philately - Significant Route,
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