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12/2000 Palestinian Authority airmail refused service by Israel during 2nd Intifada
2000-2001 2nd Intifada Israeli "no service" of Palestinian Authority outbound mail: 31-12-2000 new years eve registered airmail cover from TULKARM to QANTARA (Sinai, Egypt), franked 650 Fils & tied by 2 strikes of the local German-made metal postmark; here posted three months into the 2nd Intifada period: refused service by Israel, which handled PA mail abroad (as it is not a member of the Universal Postal Union, UPU), and which during the period of December 2000 and March 2001 refused postal service abroad to the PA - and returned it to sender; backstamped 10-01-2001 101 REGISTERED CENTRAL SORTING [RAMALLAH] transit where the cover was marked on the front with a special "protest" 5-lined boxed handstamp of the PA Ministry of Posts "We apologise for not being able to forward this post to Arab countries due to the Occupation Authority's refusal to allow it". As a matter of procedure in any case this cover would have been refused service by Israel as it bore 125 "Mils" denominated "eagle" definitives: PA stamps had to be denominated in Fils and not in Mandate-era Mils.

Product Tags: Palestinian Authoritian, Israeli, Egyptian, Philately - Postal Covers, Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1974-2000s and Postal History from Palestinian Authority, Israel, Egypt, and from 2000-2005 Second Intifada, 21st Century, 2000s which are Philately - Suspended Service mail, Philately - Air Mail, Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Philately - Unusual Origin, Destination or Postal Link, Philately - Significant franks on covers
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