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Zionist Irgun anti-Peel Commission Palestine Partition protest stamp label 1937
Revisionist-Zionist/Irgun paraphilately: 1936-1937 Peel Commission era triangular undenominated protest stamp in dark blue & white, depicting two raised fingers of a right hand, together as in an oath set against the stones of the Western Wall, with the Hebrew & English legend "If I forget Thee O Jerusalem Let My Right Hand forget Her Cunning!" and "Against the Partition of the land of Israel". Pr...
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Irgun Etzel 1940s promotional propaganda illustrated complete mini stamp sheet
Revisionist-Zionist/Irgun paraphilately: complete promotional-propaganda 6 x 2 mini stamp sheet of the pre-State Irgun (aka Etzel/IZL) underground military organization, circa. 1944-48, in blue, black & white, depicting the movement's emblem at center + it's name in Hebrew at top & in Polish, French and English below + slogan "The Sole Solution" in French and English on the top corners of the illu...
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