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Betar Israeli sports fund memorial stamp strip for fallen footballer members MNH
Israeli/Zionist paraphilately: 1948-1950's 'Betarist Sports Fund' (Keren HaSport HaBetari) se-tenant vertical perforated strip (with imperforate vertical margins) of 4x 100 Pruta denominated stamps in black & white bearing photographed portraits & names of Betar members who played football, and fell in the War of Independence; MNH & OG, with age stains in places & light diagonal fold on right-most...
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Betar Israeli Jabotinsky/Herzl National Labor Fund imperf stamp sheet 1954 MNH
Israeli/Zionist paraphilately: 1954 'National Labor Fund' undenominated & illustrated 4 x 4 imperforated stamp sheet in blue & white depicting Zeev Jabotinsky & Theordore Herzl; MNH & OG, firm paper, unperforated or folded in any places; with English & Hebrew legend + inverted serial number at base; the bottom left block of 4 labels are printed tete-beche. Commemorates 50 years to Herzl's death an...
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Irgun-Lechi 1958 Fight for Freedom Expo stamp sheet of executed members MNH
Israeli/Zionist paraphilately: 1958 'Fight for Freedom' exhibition undenominated & illustrated se-tenant 4 x 4 perforated stamp sheet in brown on creme paper, depicting images & names and dates of 14 members of the Irgun and Lechi underground organizations who were executed by the Mandatory authorities + 2 stamps with the emblems of each organization and emblem of the 'Exhibition of the Revolt' on...
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Betar Israeli Zeev Jabotinsky Returns to Homeland se-tenant stamp sheet 1964 MNH
Israeli/Zionist paraphilately: 1964 'Zeev Jabotinsky Returns to the Homeland' undenominated & illustrated 5 x 5 se-tenant & perforated stamp sheet in blue & black of 2 alternating portraits; MNH & OG, firm paper, unperforated or folded in any places; with blue/white illustrated label on bottom selvedge tied by English & Hebrew oval handstamp bearing the Betar Revisionist-Zionist movement emblem (w...
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