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Arabic label General Israeli Labor Union Palestine for 1924 Day against War MNH
Palestinian-Arabic philatelic blue on white label of the General Israeli labor Union in Palestine for the International Federation of Technical Unions "War Day against War" on 21 September 1924, bearing a derivation of the Biblical quotation (translated from the Arabic) "So they cut their swords into rails and their spears into scythes"; right corner piece, MNH & OG: surface imperfections on the f...
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Palestine-Yishuv 1930s 5c School & Ambulance Project fundraising stamp MNH
Palestine-Yishuv late 1930's era fundraising stamp denominated 5c & bearing title "School and Ambulance Project", bottom right corner single with imperforated perimeter. The image shows a 1936-1939 era 'Tower and Stockade' settlement, a school building in the foreground and an ambulance at lower-right, bearing the Hebrew words 'Ezra Magen David | Ambulance'; MH & OG....
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Judaica WWII Holocaust era Agudat Israel Keren HaYishuv fund 5 cent stamp label
Judaic/Zionist parahilately: WWII-Holocaust era 5c denominated top marginal label of the 'Keren HaYishuv' fund, depicting the fund's emblem in Hebrew & English + English legend above & below "Help Jewish Refugees Settle in Eretz Yisroel", MNH & OG, perforated on 3 sides. The fund operated under the auspicies of Orthodox-Jewish Chassid 'Agudat Israel' political movement, to support Jewish settlemen...
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