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Hadassah Health Stamps for Israel/Hand of Healing 18x stamp color sheet MNH & OG
Hadassah Women's Organization of America "Health Stamps for Israel" undenominated 18x color illustrated stamp (6x3) sheet depicting nurse with on background of Israel with slogan "Hand of Healing for Israel", in brown/white/green, with the title along top margin & bottom selvedge, inner perforations and imperforated along the perimeter, circa. 1948-early 1950s; printed by Allied Printing of New Yo...
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Zionist Organization America 1961 Israel Bar Mitzva folio, 2x 18pc stamp sheets
American Zionist philately: undated 1961 issued folder/wallet with 2x 3x6 (18pc) sheets of blue/white illustrated cinderella stamps, issued by the Zionist Organization of America on the occasion of Israel's 13th anniversary, with messaging referring to the State's "Bar Mitzva" year; the stamp sheets include a tab row with slogan "This is the Year we Yearned For..." and a special slogan stamp in th...
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