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Egypt (9)
WWII Paraphilately (1)
Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist, Political & Propaganda (4)

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WWII/Holocaust 4x Serbian anti-Semitic Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition stamps 1941
WWII/Holocaust era set of 4x semi-postal stamps of the collaborationist Serbian "Government of National Salvation" sponsored anti-Semitic Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition, held in Belgrade between 22 October 1941 and 19 January 1942; 3x mint-hinged & 1x without gum and hunged....
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British Israelite/American Anglo-Saxon Federation 4x piece color stamp block
Religious/anti-Semitic paraphilately: 4x piece colored & illustrated stamp block of the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America (of the British Israelite movement), depicting symbols, images and slogans of the movement; appears unused & possibly ungummed: folded horizontally. The British Israelite movement holds that people of the British Isles are the direct descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of ancien...
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Arabian political Lebanon/Syria Martyrs Day illustrated label w/Jerusalem images
Arabian political paraphilately: 3-color illustrated label for Martyrs' Day (Lebanon and Syria), depicting the flags of Syria, Lebanon and the Pan-Arab flag (either of the Syrian Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party or the Palestine Liberation Organization) + images of the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre (left) & Moslem Dome of the Rock ('Qubbat al-Sakhrah') shrine (right) - both in Jerusalem; the A...
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15x pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli stamps USSR middle east, some watermarked/MNH
Pro-Palestinian / anti-Israeli stamps - worldwide (1960s-1980s): lot of 15x postal, semi-postal and promotional stamps (mostly denominated) from the Soviet Union, Egypt, Syria, United Arab Republic, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco & Iran, on the themes of Palestine awareness, Palestinian armed struggle, Palestinian refugees, the Fatah organization, Deir Yassin, Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, Jerusalem, and ...
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