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9/1894 PORT SAID Retta cancel on JAFFA ship dispatched postcard to Denmark
Ottoman maritime mail: 20 IX 1894 dated postcard in Danish on 1892 issue Ottoman postal stationary postcard (Bale unlisted: like #709 frame-type C but lacking "avec response payee") from JAFFA (see bottom of correspondence) to COPENHAGEN Denmark, with pre-printed 20pa franking per 1st UPU period overseas postcard rate; as the franking was tied by a 'Retta' (Egyptian) cancellation, the postcard was...
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10/1899 Ottoman Holyland mail from SAFED to WILDSTEIN with rare blue postmark
Outbound mail: 18 OCT 1899 commercial cover from SAFED (with sender's cachet - 'Elias Klinger Saffed') to music business in WILDSTEIN Bohemia, Austra (on that business's stationary), franked 40 Para (on back) using pair 20 Para (Ba120) per 2nd UPU period 1Pia rate for mail abroad tied by rare blue Safed postmark Ba 780b / Steich-PM4; backstamped 5-11-1899 unclear arrival/transit postmark; est. val...
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3/1903 Ottoman Holyland wrapper from SAFED to Jewish business in HOLLESCHAU
Outbound mail: 1903 printed-matter wrapper (envelope cut open on both sides) from SAFFED to Jewish liqueur business in HOLLESCHAU, Moravia ("via Vienna Post"), posted via Ottoman PO & franked 10pa per printed-matter rate using Ba165 (oddly not the 'matbua' overprinted type for printed-matter mailed abroad) & tied by scarce blue local postmark (PM5/Ba 812b); backstamped 25-3-03 arrival; scarce as w...
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4/1914 Holyland Ottoman ERIHA/JERUSALEM violet pmk on postcard to Switzerland
Outbound mail: 17-4-1914 superb strike of ERIHA (JERUSALEM) violet postmark (PM3/Ba865v) tied to 20 Para frank with black star overprint (for mail abroad; Ba 331) on picture-postcard of Bedouins baking bread, to NUSSBAUMEN Switzerland; backstamped 21-4-14 octogonal JERUSALEM6 transit postmark (PM26/Ba 872a); marginal small top tear amended; est. value $675+...
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Turkish Beersheva BIR-ES-SEBA 2 all-Arabic postmark on franked telegram receipts
World War I era Turkish Beersheva BIR-ES-SEBA 2 (Ba 883) rare all-Arabic postmark: 1918-dated 5 full strikes tied to block of 20x 1916 3rd series War Orphans overprinted 20pa stamps (Ba 464/289) - 400 Para - gummed on back of partially torn ledger sheet of 5 attached telegram receipts (with signatures & Arabic manuscript), i.e. 80 Para per receipt. Est. value $400-1500...
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1899 Holyland 3 postal authority handled ppc ROSTOCK-HAIFA, w/rare negative seal
Incoming mail: postcard handled by 3 postal authorities: 27/12/1899 Swiss picture-postcard of Schaffhausen from ROSTOCK(?) Germany to HAIFA, franked 10pf; handled in Palestine by the Austrian Post where backstamped "CAIFA OESTERR. POST" transit; redirected to JERUSALEM and cancelled by the rare Turkish 'HAIFA POSTA SHUBESI 1287' (PM3) negative seal in blue prior to dispatch. Light strikes, fine, s...
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