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1945 Express registered mail from Amman to Jerusalem, censored in Jordan
Mandate postal links: 24 JL 1945 express registered cover on business stationary from AMMAN to Lloyd Ltd. JERUSALEM, franked 50m & tied by 3 strikes of oval AMMAN registered postmark + 2 on back; passed Jordanian censor (sexagonal bilingual PASSED BY CENSOR/B-41 handstamp on front); backstamped 30 JL 45 registered JERUSALEM arrival; cut open at bottom. Scarce origin & rate....
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1/1946 Egyptian registered airmail to HAIFA with MISR airlines marking
Mandate incoming airmail: 3 JA 46 registered commercial cover on business stationary from "Arming trade company" CAIRO to "Al Sebaey Brothers, Gefry and partners" HAIFA carried by Misr airlines, meter paid 64 mils, with local dispatch postmark & registry-label, and 3-line "MISR Air Line Recommandee" violet cachet; backstamped 5 JA 46 JAFFA REG 1 (GD-26) transit & next day REG HAIFA arrival; torn o...
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1946 Post-WWII/Holocaust Jewish cv ESCHWEILER - RAMAT GAN w/manuscript franking
Postwar/Holocaust incoming civilian mail: 16.7.1946 stampless cover from hospital ESCHWEILER in British Zone Germany to RAMAT GAN, franked 75pf with manuscript notation - this unusual & tied by full strike of local pmk; opened by British civilian censor & resealed; backstamped 1(?) SP 46 arrival; opened roughly at back, complete....
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2/1947 postwar WWII Soviet Red Cross POW mail from AHUM to Berni Ascher in HAIFA
Postwar military mail: 9 Feb(?) 1947 Soviet Red Cross POW card (1946 stationary) from camp 7399/3 in AHUM (central Russia) to HAIFA, written in German from son (Dr. Felix Eulenburg - possibly adopted) to father (Dr. Berni Ascher). Message says that the newspapers are not showing a peaceful picture Palestine (i.e. the period of the Jewish insurrection), that he can hardly rest, and that Germany mus...
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