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2/1945 WWII/Holocaust mail ex MAABAROT to EDIRNE, censored in Palestine & Turkey
WWII Mandatory postal links / small locales: 26 FE 1945 cover from MAABAROT to Jewish addressee ("Levi") in EDIRNE Turkey, franked 20m per period non-UK overseas surface rate & tied by full strike of local postmark; opened & sealed in TEL AVIV by censor KK/25835 (predates Sacher earliest known date of use by 2 months); marked by Turkish censor on front; backstamp covered by censor's tape - probabl...
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8/1933 rare PARDESS HANNA skeleton arrival postmark on mail from Romania
Small town/Mandate postmarks: near full strike of very rare PARDESS HANNA skeleton date-stamp (Dorf-1, rated H), with inverted 'B' index, as arrival postmark on back of 24 AUG 1933 uprated Romanian pre-paid postal stationary cover from Jewish business IASI & franked 10L in total; backstamped 3 SEP 1933 arrival; slit open at left. Est. value $500+...
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Palestine Mandate scarce Tiberias postmark on mail to Jerusalem 1936
Small locales / Mandate postmarks: 12 FE 36 uprated small 1933 RE Envelope (Ba RE.07-S) from TIBERIAS to JERUSALEM franked 18m (5m letter + 13m registered) using prepaid 13m + 5m pictorals (Ba93) tied by 2+1 full strikes of scarce TIBERIAS skeleton postmark (D3/Sacher 5/Dorf-5, rated E) + 1 backstamped; backstamped next day HAIFA REG transit & same day JERUSALEM REG arrival; gently opened at right...
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7/1944 WWII Jewish soldier mail ex Egypt to MERHAVIA w/rare/unrecorded postmarks
Small locales / Mandate & rare Egyptian postmarks on Jewish soldier's mail: 9 JY 1944 stampless "honour envelope" noted as 'Hebrew' correspondence from FPO 655 (ABBASSIA, Egypt) to KIBBUTZ MERHAVIA, tied by strike of FPO postmark & backstamped same day #4 Base Post Office "EGYPT POSTAGE PREPAID" machine cancel with slogan "It Pays to Lend" (here with wide datehead left and normal datehead die at r...
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7/1944 very rare KFAR YEDIDYA skeleton postmark on censored *airmail* to USA
Small town/Mandate postmarks: full strike of extremely rare 24 JY 1944 KFAR YEDIDYA skeleton date-stamp (Dorf-1, rated VR - less than 6 examples known) tied to 100m pictorals frank on lightweight airmail stationary cover to KEW GARDENS New York, per period 5g rate on Pan Am via West Africa (air via BOAC or others to W. Africa, then Pan Am to Miami [FAM 22]); opened & sealed by US censor 7113, at l...
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1st Day 1948 interim Palestine post from RAMATAYIM to GANEI AM w/error postmark
Interim period / tiny locales "first day" mail: [6 MAY 1948] cover from RAMATAYIM to nearby moshav GANEI AM, franked 10m per period rate using interim franks & tied by single full strike of the interim canceller + Mandate postmark (Dorf-7 although with excess at bottom appearing like the larger bar cancel Dorf-6) as a date device - but this misdated as "6 AP 48" (impossible as the interim period b...
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