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8/1939 Jewish refugee mail ex Egyptian Legation BUDAPEST to TEL AVIV, w/ cachet
Wartime incoming Jewish refugee-related mail: 19 AUG 1939 registered cover on stationary of the Royal Egyptian Legation in BUDAPEST to Leopold Bauer TEL AVIV, franked on back per period rate & tied by 3 strikes of local postmark + legation's cachet; b/s 24 AU 1939 REG Tel Aviv arrival (1 week before outbreak WWII). Manuscript on back details financial sums in different currencies: appears to be pa...
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Czechoslovak Holocaust-era Hitler stamped Judaica postcard Plzen Great Synagogue
Jewish Synagogues: Czechoslovakia > Plzeň - GREAT SYNAGOGUE at center in black and white photographic postcard by Vakladatelstvi Druzin of Prague with Czech caption on back. Used: sadly ironic pc postmarked during the Holocaust era 17 IX 1943 from PLZEN to PRAGUE, franked 60h ironically using Hitler-busted Bohemia-Moravia stamp tied by full strike of local postmark - an unusual combination; ...
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Cover of Moroccan Jewish mail postal service of Fez-Meknes route + negative seal
Morocco - Jewish mail postal service: small commercial cover addressed to "Mr. Tayeb Mohamed Mekki", tied by blue octogonal negative seal handstamp belonging to the 56km long FEZ-MEKNES route, established by the Jewish Frenchman Messod Bensimon, a former headmaster of the Jewish Alliance School in Fez who later became a businessman, in January 1897. This route was one of 21 established by various ...
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WWI era Jamaica Patriotic Stamp League commercial cover, helped fund Polish Jews
Jamaica Patriotic Stamp League commercial cover franked by George V 1½d "War Stamp" + Stamp League Red Cross label (½d) - 3rd version, and tied by SP 17 1917 ANNOTTO BAY postmark. The league was founded in 1915 by Lewis Ashenheim to raise funds for the British Red Cross Society, establish a Jamaican airplane fund, and to provide relief for Polish Jews. These labels were sold at all post ...
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4/1946 Jewish displaced persons mail from DOV HOZ immigrant ship to Palestine
Postwar incoming civilian mail: 30.4.1946 commercial cover from LA SPEZIA to MESHEK YAGUR sent by a Displaced Person on board the "Dov Hoz" illegal immigrant ship (stopped by British at the locale in the "La Spezia Affair" of 4 April - 19 May): stamps & portion of front torn away - would have been franked 15 Lira; backstamped with ship's bilingual circular cachet "Repatriation Ship Fede - Dov Hos"...
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1946 Post-WWII/Holocaust Jewish cv ESCHWEILER - RAMAT GAN w/manuscript franking
Postwar/Holocaust incoming civilian mail: 16.7.1946 stampless cover from hospital ESCHWEILER in British Zone Germany to RAMAT GAN, franked 75pf with manuscript notation - this unusual & tied by full strike of local pmk; opened by British civilian censor & resealed; backstamped 1(?) SP 46 arrival; opened roughly at back, complete....
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2/1947 postwar WWII Soviet Red Cross POW mail from AHUM to Berni Ascher in HAIFA
Postwar military mail: 9 Feb(?) 1947 Soviet Red Cross POW card (1946 stationary) from camp 7399/3 in AHUM (central Russia) to HAIFA, written in German from son (Dr. Felix Eulenburg - possibly adopted) to father (Dr. Berni Ascher). Message says that the newspapers are not showing a peaceful picture Palestine (i.e. the period of the Jewish insurrection), that he can hardly rest, and that Germany mus...
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