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Feb 1949 PO notice about resumption parcel post to Israeli & Arab Palestine
1948 Wartime Palestine/Israel - original Post Office notice: mimeographed 10 Feb 1949 notice PBN 2808 from the British General Post Office (London) announcing resumption of parcel post services to "Israeli-controlled areas of Palestine and to certain places in Arab-controlled areas". The notice concludes "full details may be obtaied at any post office". Near-mint condition with filing hole at uppe...
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Wartime 1948 Mandate-franked mail AMIAD to TEL AVIV via Interim Postal service
1948 interim / small locales in battle: undated German-language family correspondence cover from ROSH PINA (return addressed [Kibbutz] AMIAD - probably couriered) to Shikun Sablawi TEL AVIV ("Tell a viv") franked 10m per period letter rate using 4m & 6m Mandate pictorals (this rare: not sold over the counter in interim period but perhaps in possession of sender in Amiad) & tied by full strike of s...
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1948 Independence War besieged TZFAT Palmach mail couriered through front lines
1948 War of Independence/besieged Safed: stampless 6 MAY 1948 dated Hagana military mail from SAFED Town Commander (Elad Peled of the Palmach) to Commander of "Hazit Gimmel" (3rd Front), probably Shmuel (Mula) Cohen, commander of the 3rd battalion of the Palmach's Yiftach Brigade (prior to 23 May there were no "Front" designations in the military, and the first appointed to the northern region was...
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1948 British am to milit zone JAFFA refused service by Israel, censored/returned
1948 Israeli "no service" marks on mail TO ISRAEL: 12 VIII 1948 air mail commercial cover on business stationary from LONDON to business at post office box in JAFFA ("Palestine"), meter franked 6d; oddly the receiving Post Office in TEL AVIV rejected the cover - without highlighting any specific problem & marking the whole address area with 2-line former Mandate instructional marking handstamp "RE...
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1949 Beersheva Haviv Schieber private postal service franked & postmarked cover
1948-49 War of Independence improvised post - Haviv Schieber service: 4 MAY 1949 postmarked blank cover, franked 15m using Doar Ivri single; a sort of 'first day cover' of an improvised postal service set up by a serving Israeli Army soldier, Haviv Schieber. The locale was liberated in October 1948 but through to May 1949 it lacked civilian postal services (civilian post was handled by the Army po...
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1947/49 war-delayed cv, EIN HAROD to HAIFA taxed 2 years later for invalid frank
1947/49 Mandate-State taxed wartime mail between 2 postal authorities: DEC 1947 commercial cover from MESHEK EIN HAROD to partially written addressee at Religious Youth Village POB in HAIFA posted during Mandate period (start of War of Independence) and franked 10m using Ba97 stamp per letter rate, and tied by scarce Proud D6/Dorfman-2 postmark; as addressee not found (manuscript bottom front), co...
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Israel War Independence Oct 1948 one of last flown parcels to besieged Negev
Besieged Negev - end of Operation Yoav: 19-10-1948 (1st day of Hol HaMoed Sukkot holiday) parcel card from BNEI BRAK to KABA 277 (Palmach Yiftach Brigade headquarters) in the NEGEV, franked 60m using 10 + 50m Doar Ivri stamps for 1.3kg weight & tied by 2 strikes of the local postmark; flown to the servicing army post office at APO 10 ('Misrad 10') in RUCHAMA where front-stamped 22 X 48 arrival; re...
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