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1948 besieged NAHARIYA 2nd Slogan handstamp on 1st day of use on mail to HAIFA
1948 interim mail/Nahariya 2ND SLOGAN 1st Day of use: 2x superb full strikes dated 23 MAR 1948 tied to front & back of cover to Rina Shine HAIFA (from "Shitz" in Nahariya), franked 10m using Mandate pictoral (Ba 97) & cancelled 26 MAR 48 by Haifa machine cancel; vertical fold at center, slit open at top. The slogan was applied to mail carried by the emergency sea-route established while Nahariya w...
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7th slogan pmk on 14-05-1948 Independence Day cv ex besieged NAHARIYA to HAIFA
1948 interim mail/Nahariya 7th slogan: 14 May 1948 "Last Date" (of Mandate)/Independence Day commercial cover (return address on front) from beseiged NAHARIYA to Barclays Bank HAIFA, pre-franked 10m per period letter rate using Haifa overprinted interim Technion stamp tied by blue local Minhelet Ha'am post office postmark (opened locally since 6 May; prior to that cancelled by Post Office in Haifa...
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14-05-1948 1st/Last day/3-period incoming mail ex TEL AVIV to besieged NAHARIYA
1948 interim 1st Day & 'Last Day'/3 period/besieged Nahariya incoming mail: undated cover from TEL AVIV to NAHARIYA ("near Haifa") franked 10mil using an invalid 10m denominated JNF label (not overprinted 'Doar', as a proper interim frank) + a 10m Kofer HaYishuv stamp - the latter either to compensate for the invalid label or for patriotic purposes; both tied (against regulations for the former) b...
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