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9-05-1948 1st convoy mail from JERUSALEM to TEL AVIV; address unknown & returned
1948 1st convoy mail from besieged JERUSALEM: scarce regular mail cover from JERUSALEM to TEL AVIV franked at the period letter rate 10m using 1st local issue Ba102 tied by local Minhelet Ha'am postmark and linear dater 9 MAY 1948 (unclear but corroborated by 1st issue's 1st date of issue as 9 May); transported by the 1st convoy which carried Jerusalem mail dated 9-12 May which accumulated in Rech...
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1948 1st convoy express mail from JERUSALEM to HAIFA w/ interim franks/postmarks
1948 JERUSALEM 1st convoy mail: commercial express registered cover to HAIFA, franked 65m per period rate using mix 1st locals 25m (Ba103) & complete set 2nd locals (Ba104-6) tied by 2 strikes of black interim postmark + 2 strikes 11 MAY 1948 dater (3rd day 1st locals use; 2nd day 2nd locals use); transported on 1st convoy of 18 June (carrying mail dated 9-12 May) but not backstamped as not regist...
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Rare 16 May 1948 besieged JERUSALEM *incoming* convoy cover from RISHON LE ZION
1948 Besieged Jerusalem incoming convoy mail from outside Tel Aviv: 16 MAY 1948 (official 1st day of the Israel postal service) commercial cover on local branch Anglo-Palestine bank stationary from RISHON LEZION to the bank's branch in JERUSALEM, franked 10m using perforated Doar Ivri single tied by reintroduced Mandate double ring cancel: at this time no mail could reach Jerusalem by standard mea...
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1948 J'LEM siege incoming CIVILIAN mail flown by army + APO 5 postmark discovery
1948 Jerusalem siege incoming CIVILIAN mail flown by the military + APO 5 provisional postmark discovery: 11-06-1948 postmarked cover from civilian in TEL AVIV to soldier Avraham Ziskind of the "Kvutzat Portzim" (eg. 4th Breechers Battalion / 'Gdud Portzim' of the Palmach 'Harel Brigade' - this was the staff battalion containing the special forces units of the brigade, hence the "kvutza" - 'group'...
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1948 JERUSALEM siege period couriered/flown? cv to TLV postmarked 23-06-1948
1948 JERUSALEM siege period couriered (flown?) mail: cover from female in JERUSALEM to female in TEL AVIV franked 10m at period letter rate using Jerusalem 2nd locals Ba105; couriered to TEL AVIV and posted locally in June 1948, tied by 23-6-1948 TEL AVIV trilingual postmark (per elements of faint Hebrew date) - interim franking was invalid outside Jerusalem after 22 May and accepted inconsistentl...
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Israeli War Independence June 1948 Taxi mail TEL AVIV-JERUSALEM under siege
1948 Jerusalem siege incoming taxi mail: 19/6 dated cover from pharmacy in TEL AVIV to female addressee in JERUSALEM, carried by the "Atid" taxi service & charged 100m for the delivery service (2½x times the period express mail rate charged by the post office) + cover tied by 5m Kofer Hayishuv label for voluntary supplementary tax. Jerusalem was still under land siege (until the 20th) and und...
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