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1948 local JERUSALEM cv w/rare 3rd series interim frank & near 1st day postmark
1948 JERUSALEM interim mail: 30-7-1948 local registered cover on doctor's stationary, franked 30m per postage period rate (10m letter + 15m registered fee + 6m additional weight, here convenience undercharge of 1m) using mix of interim locals: 3x 5m 1st issue (Ba101; 1x with small damage) & 10m 1st issue (Ba102) & rare 5m 3rd issue (Ba107), tied by 5 full strikes of JERUSALEM-5 (main PO) postmark ...
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The auction closed on Thursday, 14 May 2020 20:01
July 1948 interim franked Jerusalem cover to Haifa taxed for invalid local stamp
1948 rejected Jerusalem interim franking: 20-7-1948 cover from JERUSALEM to HAIFA (about a month after the end of the siege), franked 10m per period domestic letter rate using the then available and accepted local Jerusalem interim stamps & tied by single strike of the Jerusalem-1 postmark; this franking was rejected by the post office in Haifa (Doar Ivri stamps were available in Jerusalem from 20...
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1948 Jerusalem cv to Haifa w/interim frank & Liberation pmk on 1st day use
1948 JERUSALEM interim mail: commercial cover to HAIFA franked 10m at letter rate using 2nd locals issue Ba105, tied by full strike of provisional oval "Liberation" postmark on 1st day of use, 21 JUNE 1948; torn open at bottom & repaired; cover complete, rare....
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1948 JLEM printed matter cv w/3rd series interim frank & large Mea Shearim pmk
1948 JERUSALEM interim mail: local commercial printed-matter cover franked 5m using rare 3rd local issue (Ba #107; 2m convenience overfrank as city limited to local issue denominations) tied by large interim postmark (36.5mm - MEA SHEARIM branch post office) and 23 JUN 1948 dater (3 days after start of use of Doar Ivri franks in city); returned as addressee left (manuscript on back); unsealed per ...
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Rare 15-7-1948 metal dateline Jerusalem-1 pmk + 3rd series interim frank on mail
1948 JERUSALEM Interim & State mail - TRIPLE RARITY: 15-7-1948 printed matter commercial cover on loan society stationary ("Totzeret HaAretz" manufacture) from JERUSALEM to BEIT HAKEREM, franked 5m per period printed-matter rate a) using Local III issue stamp (with slanted "5" - rare on covers) & b) tied by full strike of JERUSALEM-1 Sorting Office postmark with METAL DATE SLUG - this very rare: b...
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