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1) Mandate Termination Period (10)
2) Minhelet Haam-Interim period (20)
3) Interim Period Foreign Postal Links (2)
4) 1947-1949 War of Independence related mail (7)
5) 14-16 May 1948 1st Day Israel Mail (10)
6) Besieged locales: Rishon LeZion (1)
7) Besieged locales: Safed (3)
8) Besieged locales: Nahariya (3)
9) Besieged Jerusalem (20 April-20 June) (6)
10) Post-Siege Interim Jerusalem (after 20 June) (5)
11) Service Suspended Mail (by non-belligerents) (10)
12) Service Suspended Mail (by belligerents) (7)
13) 1947-49 Arabian mail in War of Independence (4)
14) Emergency Postal Services & Foreign links (11)
15) Early Foreign Postal Links (20)
16) Interim & Provisional Taxed Mail (13)

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1948-49 War Arab POW mail ex HEBRON via GAZA & Red Cross to Israel, uncensored
1948-49 War Arab POW mail: 27 SEP 1948 cover from HEBRON with typewritten English & Arabic handwritten address to Arab prisoner of war at "Camp No. 1" (noted as 791 Camp by one of the transmitting authorities), franked 10m per period domestic letter rate using Egyptian Palestine overprinted single & tied by strike of the rare local postmark: although on the West Bank, Hebron was under Egyptian con...
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1948 War censored cv to Arab POW ex TULKAREM via Red Cross in RAMALLAH & GENEVA
1948-49 War Arab POW mail: [7 DE 1948] stampless cover from TULKAREM to "Central Detention Camp | Prisoner no. 3381 | El-sayed Mohamed Saeed Dood El-Samra | By International Red Cross | Ramallah", originally franked (Jordanian stamp) & tied by reintroduced Mandate double-ring postmark, now removed & most of postmark not visible (manuscript date written top front, presumably dispatch); front-stampe...
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7-02-1949 cv ex TULKAREM to EAST JERUSALEM via Jordanian & Iraqi postal services
1948-49 Jordanian occupation of West Bank: 7 FE 1949 commercial cover from TULKAREM to El-Andalus Library [EAST] JERUSALEM, franked 15m using "Palestine" overprinted Jordanian franks & tied by 2 strikes of local reintroduced Mandate double-ring postmark; between 15 May 1948 & April 1949 region of Qalqilya-Tulkarem-Nablus-Jenin was held by Iraqi Expeditionary Force in Palestine in coordination with...
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Aug 1949 stampless mail ex GAZA Egypt to RAMLA Israel via Red Cross J'LEM & TLV
Late 1948-49 War Red Cross mail: 22 AUG 1949 stampless cover from GAZA with English & Arabic handwritten address to Arab resident(?) at street address in "El Ramleh Palestine" (RAMLA Israel), care of the Commission of the Red Cross in Jerusalem; censored in Gaza prior to being transferred to the Red Cross, who added their Geneva cachet on the front & transferred the letter to the TEL AVIV delegati...
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