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1948 J'LEM siege incoming CIVILIAN mail flown by army + APO 5 postmark discovery
1948 Jerusalem siege incoming CIVILIAN mail flown by the military + APO 5 provisional postmark discovery: 11-06-1948 postmarked cover from civilian in TEL AVIV to soldier Avraham Ziskind of the "Kvutzat Portzim" (eg. 4th Breechers Battalion / 'Gdud Portzim' of the Palmach 'Harel Brigade' - this was the staff battalion containing the special forces units of the brigade, hence the "kvutza" - 'group'...
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June 1948 heavily re-routed Israeli registered mail to the Army/Special Police
Heavily re-routed mail to the military: 22-6-1948 local TEL AVIV registered cover from civilian sender to "Inspector of the Special Police", addressed Beit HaShoeva Street in the city; franked 25m per period rate (one frank, presumably 15m now missing) & tied by 1x strike of the Head Post Office trilingual cancel on the front + 2x on the back & HPO registry label and "National Loan" cachet applied...
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4 Aug 1948 Misrad Kesher Jerusalem Signals Corp military mail to Air Force unit
1948 Jerusalem Military mail: 4 AUG 1948 "Misrad Kesher | Yerusalayim" (Signals Corp) inter-unit stampless corresondence sent to "Officer in charge of Airforce Property matters", re-directed to "deputy battalion commander Y. Meiri" of Southern Command (Jerusalem), and received 6 AUG, tied by 2x strikes of the MK unit's abbreviated double ring datestamp M-K/J-M; inter-unit/intercity correspondence ...
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Israel War Independence Oct 1948 one of last flown parcels to besieged Negev
Besieged Negev - end of Operation Yoav: 19-10-1948 (1st day of Hol HaMoed Sukkot holiday) parcel card from BNEI BRAK to KABA 277 (Palmach Yiftach Brigade headquarters) in the NEGEV, franked 60m using 10 + 50m Doar Ivri stamps for 1.3kg weight & tied by 2 strikes of the local postmark; flown to the servicing army post office at APO 10 ('Misrad 10') in RUCHAMA where front-stamped 22 X 48 arrival; re...
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2/1953 franked Govt cv to Army Intelligence corps + military postal markings
Israeli army military postmarks / 1952 Weizmann: 15-2-1953 cover from Foreign Ministry at the KIRYA to the Placement Office of the Intelligence Corps, franked 30pr per DO-3a period inland letter rate, using 1952 Weizmann frank Ba-76 tied by TEL AVIV machine slogan cancel; cover tied by 7 II 1953 large violet "Postal Office of the Army" handstamp (mis-aligned dateline, probably supposed to be dated...
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Rare disbanded Kibbutz GIVOT ZEID 1948 parcel card via Israeli army post
Small locales / military mail: 3-10-1948 (kaf-tet Elul / eve Rosh Hashana) parcel card from Kibbutz GIVOT ZEID posted at HAIFA-15 to soldier in CAESAREA via army post (number not provided), franked 30pr for 0.9kg weight (under 1kg weight) using vertical pair 15pr Doar Ivri - apparently the old DO1 domestic rate, now 3 days into the new DO2 postage rate period but accepted during as being during th...
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1967 War Israeli-captured French parcel card to BETHLEHEM; delivered by Army
1967 War Israel-captured mail: 24-4-1967 surface-mailed parcel card from MARSEILLE to BETHLEHEM Jordan, sent by rail at MARVEJOLS "via BEIRUT"-DAMASCUS-AMMAN to [E.] JERUSALEM (one of 2 documented routes, via Syria), where received 3 JUN 67 by Jordanian Post Office in JERUSALEM + marked by local customs boxed Arabic handstamp. This document fell into Israeli hands with the capture of the city on 7...
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