Collecting & Investments

Considering Building a Collection or Investing in Collectibles?

Every article in the world has an inherent value and an associated market/perceived value, from real estate to cars to furniture to artwork... and also to small collectibles like coins, medals, stamps, militaria, Judaica, banknotes, historical documents and so on. We have the experience to spot opportunities in the collectibles market, for the benefit of collectors and investors alike.

If you have resources to invest in building a collection or investing in collectibles Historama is your partner: drawing on over 35 years' experience buying, selling and appraising materials in the market - and backed up by a rich research library, file of information sources and a vast network of contacts - we can give you good solid advice on materials that are worth acquiring for collecting or investment purposes.

Hands-on experience in the market enables us to offer novices and professionals alike reliable advice regarding which fields of collecting and which specific materials are worth acquiring - and which not. We can procure items on your behalf at good prices and assist in building a collection or investment portfolio, which will enable you to enjoy potential profits in the near and not distant future.

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