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1/1951 mail to US underfranked for airmail so sent by sea; instructional marking

1950 1st airmail on rerouted surface mail: 1-1-1951 new years dated "Lacol" austerity period stationary airmail commercial cover from TEL AVIV to NEW YORK CITY franked 80pr at the FA-2a period rate using 2x 30pr (Ba33) + 10pr 1949 2nd Coinage (Ba23) + 10pr 1950 3rd Coinage (Ba43) tied by 3 strikes of TEL AVIV-41 postmark - but rejected for airmail service, marked by bilingual boxed cachet - for being overweight (20g) and lacking additional 50pr franking for the extra 10g, so sent by surface (sea) mail; slit open at top, edge creases.