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1949 6x time heavy weight express registered cv w/Doar Ivri & Petach Tikva frank

Doar Ivri PO's, rates & routes: 12-12-1949 large express registered 'heavy mail' commercial cover from HAIFA to TEL AVIV franked 140pr at the DO-2 postage period rate (15pr letter + 40pr express + 25pr registration + 60pr for 6x 10g additional weight) using mix of tabbed vertical pair 50pr (Ba6) + 40pr 1949 Petach Tikva (Ba17) tied by 2 strikes HAIFA-6(?) postmark + 2 on back, with Mandate registry-label Sacher-RM; backstamped next day TEL AVIV arrival (postmark with Latin date over Hebrew). Opened at back, vertical fold; scarce rate; estimated value $325+