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1951 censored extra weight airmail to US using 100pr 1st Airmail stamp + others

1950 1st airmail 100pr on mail: 23-10-1951 registered airmail cover from JERUSALEM (return addressed Ramat Gan) to NEW YORK franked 185pr at the FA-2a postage period rate (80pr letter + 25pr registration + 2x 40pr R-letter 10g additional weight) using 100pr (Ba36) + 80pr 1951 JNF (Ba54) + 5pr 1951 New Year (Ba56) tied by 3 strikes of JERUSALEM-5 postmark on front + 2 on back, with Mandate registry-label & "dot in box" censor cachet on front; backstamped OCT 29 1951 arrival; slit open at top, some edge creases. Estimated value $130+