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1963 JLEM printed matter cv twice re-routed on return, taxed the 2x letter rate

1963 DO-11 postage rate period domestic re-rerouted taxed mail - unpaid: 5-6-63 local JERUSALEM American Jewish Committee stationary commercial cover franked at 8 Ag printed matter rate using tabbed 1962 New Year Ba246 but returned as addressee left; however original return address no longer valid, and updated hotel address incorrect, so re-routed to TEL AVIV hotel; for this additional re-mailing cover taxed twice the period letter rate (24 Ag) using vertical pair 0.12L 1961 Zodiac Ba210 franks tied by 19-5-63 dated JERUSALEM-2 postmark & later annulled by "Difference not paid" crossed box cachet - this scarce.