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1968-1971 3x Kuwaiti letters w/Pro-Palestinian franks, one addressed & mailed(?)

Pro-Palestinian franks on mail: lot 3x covers from KUWAIT bearing pro-Palestinian franks, 1) [14 MAR 71] addressed (mailed?) cover bearing 1970 "Palestinian Commandos" cinderella stamp series (SC# 492-494) tied by 2 strikes of dateless 1st Day Cover postmark, unsealed, damaged tip to 45F frank; 2) 16 DE 69 unaddressed airmail stationary cover bearing "Palestinian Refugees Universal Week" stamps (SC# 488-489) tied by 2 strikes of 1st Day Cover postmark; 3) 15 MY 68 unaddressed cover with name "Elsayed Sameeh Khalf Allah" in manuscript bearing "Palestine Day" stamps (SC# 398-400) tied by 4 strikes of 1st Day Cover postmark.