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1968 Czech cv to Israel mis-routed via Pakistan, refused service & returned

Pakistani postal boycott of Israel: 1968 cover from PRAGUE to REHOVOT, franked 1.60k & tied by unclear local postmark; the franks cover an obliterated manuscript "Par Avion" (by Airmail) instruction so it's possible this was sent by surface mail; the cover was mis-routed via PAKISTAN, where marked in KARACHI by "KAR AIR/3 | MISSENT TO | PAKISTAN." instructional marking handstamp + manuscript notation "No Service for Israel from Pak R-T-S [return to sender] P-T-O [please turn over]" & returned. This is one of only two known covers to Israel misrouted to Pakistan (both via Karachi, but only this one with "Missent" IM handstamp): very rare as locale has had no postal relations with Israel since 1948 & no special instructional marking handstamp needed to be made; also this is a rare instance of mail misrouted via Arab countries not in the immediate proximity to Israel. Slit open at top, creases along the edges.