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1st Day 1948 interim Palestine post from RAMATAYIM to GANEI AM w/error postmark

Interim period / tiny locales "first day" mail: [6 MAY 1948] cover from RAMATAYIM to nearby moshav GANEI AM, franked 10m per period rate using interim franks & tied by single full strike of the interim canceller + Mandate postmark (Dorf-7 although with excess at bottom appearing like the larger bar cancel Dorf-6) as a date device - but this misdated as "6 AP 48" (impossible as the interim period began 2 MAY, so probably intended to be 6 MAY); slit open at left. As such, the cover was sent the day after the cessation of the Mandate postal service & the first day the Minhelet Haam interim postal services in secondary towns & locales.