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21-5-1950 AFIKIM to AFULA cv w/full tabbed Independence franks + 1st day pmk

1950 Independence / POs, rates & routes: 21-5-1950 "Lacol" austerity period stationary registered cover from AFIKIM to AFULA, franked 40pr at the DO-2 postage period domestic rate (15pr letter + 25 registration) using horizontal pair of full tabbed Ba29 tied to full strike of Afikim 25th anniversary slogan machine cancellation (1x on front & 1x on back; Nacht #25) & local postmark; backstamped same day by slogan cachet & postmark + 23-5-1950 KINNERET (marked by deformed postmark) & TIBERIAS transits; arrived AFFULA next day. Philatelically inspired but handled correctly; some light creases from handling. Very fine and lovely, well documented via small locales; est. value $450+