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3/1950 heavy airmail to US mix franked 425Pr with 1st day usage of UPU stamps

1950 UPU / rates & routes (heavy mail): 26-3-1950 airmailed OHMS Registered Envelope (No.172) 'first day cover' from TEL AVIV (philatelic service) to NEW YORK franked 425pr at the FA-2a postage period rate (80pr letter rate + 25pr registration + 8x 40pr R-letter additional 10g weight) using mix of 4x 80pr & 2x 40pr (Ba28/27) on 1st day of use (no official 1st day covers were issued for this series) + 10pr & 15pr 1949 2nd Coinage (Ba23/24) tied by 3 full strikes of TEL AVIV postmark on front + 2 on back, with Mandate registry-label (Sacher R20A) on front; backstamped 3-29-1950 NEW YORK transit & same day arrival; unsealed. Blue Israeli "Provisional Government" return address label (86/VII.48) on back. Scarce combination of FDC & commercial heavy mail rate; very fine; estimated value $280++